Brain fog

Brain Fog

This has other names such as Clouding of Consciousness and Fibromyalgia Fog.

Have you found you are having a conversation and then suddenly you are struggling to find the correct word. You might be cooking dinner and you cannot remember why the cooker timer is going off. This will make you feel frustrated or embarrassed.

First of all it is a common condition. For some the cloudy thinking is manageable and mild. It can affect your short-term memory, concentration and attention. You may have problems retaining new information. It usually does not affect your intelligence, long-term memory or reading comprehension. It may get worse over time but on the other hand it may not. It can have many causes such as depression, fatigue and side effects from some medication.

The first thing you should do is talk to your doctor because you could have an underlying and treatable condition such as depression which is causing your brain fog. Medications such as for bladder problems can help to cause this.

Get in to the habit of writing everything down and replacing your memory with organisation.

There have been a number of studies on this condition and much speculation. A popular theory is that it can be caused by sleep deprivation and depression. However some studies do not agree with this.

Brain scan studies have shown that there is not sufficient oxygen in different parts of the brain. A possible reason for this might be that part of the nervous system is out of alignment causing changes in the brain’s blood vessels.

It has been found that chronic pain can also affect the brain. Functional MRI found that in people with chronic pain a front region of the brain mostly associated with emotions is constantly active. The area concerned does not shut off when it should which wears out neurons and disturbs the balance of the whole brain.

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