Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Hot Stone Fusion Massage and ReflexologyHot Stone Fusion Massage and Reflexology is a bodywork technique using hot stones to massage the body.

People often think the stones are just placed on the body and left. This is not the way in which Carol works. Special iron rich basalt stones are heated in hot water to a safe and effective temperature.

She then massages the body holding the stones in her hands.

The iron content of the stones allows them to absorb and transmit the heat of the water. Warm oil is applied before the stones are used so the stones can glide easily over the contours of the body. This allows a highly therapeutic and nurturing effect.

The stones have been used for thousands of years harnessing the healing powers of nature’s elements and giving a treatment which is a blend of medical science and nature’s therapy.

The use of heat (fire), water, stone (earth), metal (iron content of stones) and wood (apricot oil) relates to the Eastern concept of the Five Elements.

Western medical practitioners such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths often use moist heat to relax the muscle tissue.

What is Hot Stone Fusion Massage?

Hot Stone Fusion is a specialised blend of hot stone massage techniques pioneered by Jing Massage Therapy and Training. Hot Stone Fusion takes traditional hot stone massage a step further. Advanced massage techniques using hands, forearms and knuckles are combined with the use of the hot stones.

A unique seamless dance results in hands on, stone work, energy work and holistic medical massage principles.

This is the innovative and exciting fusion of the principles of Eastern massage therapies, Swedish massage, holistic medical massage, trigger point work, stretching and energy work.

Hot stones encourage the release of endorphins, dilates blood capillaries and boosts the flow of nutrient rich blood to tight muscles, ligaments and fascia.  The loosening effect of the stones may reduce the tendency for scar tissue to form. Having a hot stones massage can also benefit digestion, respiratory congestion and kidney function.  The stones also have an effect of the nervous system diminishing pain without the use of pharmaceuticals.  Ladies who suffer with menstrual cramping and endometriosis also find benefit in hot stone treatment.

What is Hot Stone Fusion Reflexology?

The stones can be used to give a whole reflexology treatment. Everybody loves this treatment. The warmth from the stones is very comforting and also allows the muscles to relax extremely well. It is possible to cover the whole foot using a small stone in place of the thumbs and fingers. Larger stones are used for areas such as the whole of the sole of the foot, chest area, digestive area and the spine. Larger stones are also used to massage up the legs and small stones are placed between the toes.