Reiki is a very powerful form of energy healing, originating in Tibet and rediscovered in the mid 1800’s by Dr. Mikal Usui, the Dean of a Christian University in Kyoto, Japan.

Carol Jordan is a Reiki Master.

Treatment is given fully clothed on a massage couch, with the therapist’s hands either in contact with the body or held a few inches above. Most people will experience a feeling of heat and an inner comfort coming from the therapist’s hands. This is the Chi energy and Healing Life Force passing through the therapist to the recipient, who, without conscious thought, will direct the vibrations to wherever they are most wanted. As the energy is totally natural, it can do no harm. It only goes to where it is needed, which includes the past, present and even into the future.

After a treatment, most people feel very calm and relaxed, which often carries over for the next few days. A typical result from school teachers is that after four or five treatments, they say things like ‘the kids do not irritate me any more’ or ‘I cannot believe how co-operative the class has become’. Similar things happen in stressful households.

As Reiki stimulates the body’s self-healing system, the renewed flow of energy flushes out trapped waste products and toxins. This occasionally brings about what is known as the healing process (AKA detoxing).

It is recommended that people drink lots of water for four or five days following a treatment to dilute & wash away the unwanted rubbish (including emotional ‘junk’).

Aside from giving Reiki treatments, Carol also teaches the 3 levels of Reiki to others in a relaxed environment from her home.