Fear of dogs.

“I have a fear of dogs, I was brought up with several dogs without problem, but was bitten by an Alsatian a number of years ago. I couldn’t handle this, it went totally against the grain, and was seriously making an impact on my life, which resulted in me developing a major phobia. I subsequently had hypnotherapy which helped, however, over the years it didn’t have the same effect. It got to a stage whereby if I was out and a dog came towards me I had great difficulty in handling it, and became quite frightened. My whole situation was becoming totally unbearable and causing me a lot of stress.

In August I had a big family reunion coming up, I was freaking big time as my bother who lives in the US had two dogs, this in itself was making me dread the trip. One of the dogs was an Alsatian, and I was feeling quite desperate and realised I had no choice but to attempt to sort it out. I considered a number of options including hypnotherapy, but decided to try EFT, reading about it made sense, so decided to try, after all, I felt that I didn’t have anything to lose.

When I visited Carol for my appointment, she talked me through it, and started Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT). During it, I felt quite relaxed and counted down from 10 to 0, but not really quite sure why, something just seemed to be telling me.

Before going to the US I encountered a number of dogs and was amazed that I didn’t react and felt comfortable. But the big test was yet to come in the US! I met it head on and was amazed and delighted that after 25 years I could happily deal with it. This was noticed by all of my family, who obviously through experience were aware of my phobia.

Last week in a shop, a large collie, followed by a long haired dachshund rain straight towards me, did I freak? NO I just ended up stroking them!!!! This was just the latest in a number of occasions where I came face to face with dogs without having a negative reaction.

Thank you so much Carol, after my session with you, I have to honestly say, that I thought the actual therapy was quite bizarre, maybe even mumbo jumbo, but I can honestly say quite categorically, and indeed endorsed by my family and friends, that, however it works, it did work.”
Rosemary Cooper

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ, TMD)

“I have been suffering from TMJ for some time, which caused me very bad headaches, some of which lasted for two days. My first session with Carol was in July of this year, two days later I had a complete knee replacement operation,
which meant that I didn’t see Carol for about 8 or 9 weeks, but in that time, despite the trauma of the operation I had only one headache, also I have been able to eat several foods which I couldn’t manage before. The TMJ was probably caused by severe depression and anxiety, causing me to grind my teeth – however the depression and anxiety also have lifted somewhat making my life easier all round. Carol herself is a very calm and competent person, and I recommend her very highly to anyone suffering from TMJ.”
Pat King


“I have personally known Carol for several years, but only used her expertise after experiencing severe back pain. Regular aromatherapy treatment eased the problem considerably, and I continue to visit regularly. She is a registered practitioner, and extremely dedicated to resolving your problem. She can also offer other Natural Health therapies. You are in her very safe hands.”
Douglas Dunbar

Emotional Freedom Technique

“I was once ill when I was away and this left me frightened to ever stay away again. I had 2 EFT treatments from Carol Jordan. Both my husband and I are retired and we are now once again able to enjoy going away on a regular basis for long weekends. I would certainly recommend EFT to anyone who suffers with fears or phobias.”
Elsie Palmer


“I have had years of problems with my sinuses. After undergoing three operations in an attempt to cure these problems, I decided to try a different approach. Carol Jordan was recommended to me as a Reflexologist who was said to have a good success rate in treating sinus problems. I have been delighted with the results. Whereas I used to get sinusitis many times a year, I now only get it very occasionally. I have not needed any more operations. I go regularly to Carol’s to maintain the initial treatment. I no longer have a constant stuffy nose nor am I plagued by sinus related headaches. I thoroughly recommend Carol’s reflexology.”
Vanessa Utting

“My wife went to Carol Jordan for treatment for her sinus problems. She mentioned that Reflexology can be used to help Hayfever. As I have suffered from Hayfever from early childhood, I decided to give it a go. Initially I was very sceptical but I too have been delighted with the results. I am no longer chained to an air-conditioner between the months of May and August. I have been able to go to sports days, go on picnics, enjoy outdoor pursuits and even mow the lawn! Conventional medication never really produced any success and I don’t have to take any of that any more.”
Robert Utting

MS – Multiple Sclerosis

“Dear Carol, I am writing to you to express my thanks and gratitude and in the hope that my experience will also help others to see the remarkable effects your treatments have had on me. I am 38 and have been diagnosed with MS for over 15 years.

I started seeing Carol Jordan after finishing a year’s course of chemotherapy which I underwent to help stabilise my Aggressive Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Since Nov 2008 I have been visiting Carol usually every 4-6 weeks for a combination of Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage and Reiki treatments.

The benefits I have noticed have been immense. I have not had a major MS relapse since being treated by Carol. There has been a significant improvement in my energy levels and feelings of fatigue. The neuropathic pain and discomfort levels I have are now greatly diminished. My balance and sensory feelings have been restored as well. After every session I always feel relaxed, refreshed and positively reenergized to face the following weeks. I can truthfully say that I highly recommend Carol and her treatments as whatever she is doing is definitely working for me and my MS.”

Best Wishes, Karen Davies


“My experience with reiki:

I would like to encourage others to look at reiki to see how it could help in their lives – I will tell you how it has helped me. I was having a pretty bad 2007 with my husband diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and in and out of hospital for treatment and in mid-September I fell downstairs at home and fractured thoracic vertebrae (T12) in my back. The NHS advice was that I would be off work for up to 12 months and that my recovery would be slow over several years. Anyone that knows me would say I was strong willed but I honestly believe my journey with Reiki has hastened my recovery.

Some of this may have been fate – but you make up your own mind. I met Carol in 1999 when I had 4 sessions of reflexology to help me through a tough time when my mother died and had not seen her in over 8 years until earlier in 2008 when I was at the gym to do a Pilates class to help with my back injury. I then had a couple of sessions with Carol of reflexology but then decided to attend one of her Reiki workshops to see what it was all about. Having found this interesting I then decided to have combined treatments with her (i.e. reflexology and Reiki) and could definitely feel ‘prickles’ of energy from my feet and a ‘glow’ in my back during treatment.

I did a lot of background research into Reiki (my background is in environmental health and health development and most of my training has a scientific basis) and talked to my practitioners (i.e. physio and osteopath) as to what they thought – they showed interest and encouraged me to do more. I then decided to train with Carol at level 1 and spent a very peaceful weekend at her country cottage with another student. We had a mix of theoretical instruction and practical training and Carol’s husband volunteered for us to ‘practice’ on him as well as each other. Some of the things that I experienced were very personal and I would not want to share them in a public arena but I can honestly say that I came away more relaxed and with a more positive outlook on life. I have practiced some of the self treatment at home and can stop my back from aching without painkillers or heat pads – which I could not do before. The actual sensation is like a cooling effect rather than a heating effect.

Just to complete the story about my recovery – I can advise I was back at my hectic Westminster job after 19 weeks off and I now have a hectic physical schedule each week that involves 7 hours at the gym (body attack and body step), 7 hours strengthening at home (pilates and flexibar) and several hours of Reiki self treatment. My osteopath is very pleased with my recovery and had advised that my wedge fracture was one of the worst he had seen and that I had surprised him with my recovery.

I hope to progress to Reiki level 2 later this year and wish you all well on your Reiki journey.”