Treatments for asthma and hay fever

Reflexology can help treat problems such as asthma and hay feverMy treatments for asthma and hay-fever using Reflexology has been very effective in helping my clients.

A teacher suffered from asthma so badly that she once had a heart attack. After regular reflexology treatments her health improved in a way that she had no time off work caused by asthma, was able to take part in her school’s carol service and no longer needed to worry about losing her job through too much sick leave.

A male client of mine suffered with hay fever so much that he could not attend outdoor events such as his sons’ sports days. He also had to work in an air-conditioned office. After a series of reflexology treatments he no longer had hay fever problems and was able to easily attend outside events, even in the summer. He has referred other clients to me who have also reported wonderful results. In fact I also stopped one of these men from snoring which his wife was very pleased about.

Reflexology can play a major role in asthma and hay fever preventative care, reducing stress, cleansing the body of toxins and re-vitalising energy. Please give me a call if you suffer from these problems and I will be glad to advise.

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